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Page deprecated

This page describes how to use the old Mercurial repository.

We since switched to a GIT_Server, so this information is deprecated

How to use the Mercurial (hg) repository.

The Download page has more information about repositories and mirrors.

Get a copy of the repository

cd alsa-hg
hg clone alsa-driver
hg clone alsa-kernel

Get latest updates

cd alsa-driver
hg pull -u
cd alsa-kernel
hg pull -u

Create a working copy

hg clone alsa-driver alsa-driver-fixbug1
cd alsa-driver-fixbug1
do { code; test;} until finished;
hg commit -m"Fixed the foo in bar"

What to do about sending the changes back

hg diff > fixbug1.patch
# email fixbug1.patch] to alsa-devel

add to .hg/hgrc to avoid having to spec the path for hg

[incoming,outgoing,bundle]: default-push= /path/to/alsa-driver

View Changes

Copied from here [1] and reformatted. Original was on alsa-devel mail list.

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