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Grrr. Including category pages doesn't show the list of pages in that category!

Including the pages just gives their fixed text:

Soundcard manufacturers

Pages with information about card specific ALSA kernel modules.


This lists existing module information pages. See also Special:Wantedpages for Module-* pages that have not yet been created.

I took the list of modules from alsa-driver configure --help, and compared with list of modules in this wiki to get these lists. Most of these modules are not mentioned in any Vendor-* page

Output from configure not in matrix

Not in list from configure

Then I took the list from configure --help, and compared with list of kernel modules actually installed on my system.

Modules installed not in configure list:

Core modules

Others, some of which look like top level driver modules?

Modules on config list not installed (probably just my config x86)

Suspicious about loopback and fm801-tea575x, maybe serialmidi

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