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ALSA SoundCard Matrix

NB. Even if we have vendor supplied driver documents they may refuse to provide all the necessary information to support devices fully.

Please, do changes / corrections yourself. Please, follow unified card description document.

  • You can see a list of the known bugs here.
  • You can view an indexed page of all the user notes here.
  • Generic instructions on using the .asoundrc file effectively
  • Read about how the online docs work here

Cards or chipsets marked:

[X-] Unsupported because the vendor refuses to release programming information.
[X?] Support is undetermined as of yet.
[X+] Possible to support, but no driver has been written yet.

All USB devices that are standards compliant will work. If they do not please report to the mailing lists. If your USB device is not on this list yet here are some generic install instructions. usb-audio

Vendors by alphabetical order

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