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ALSA repositories


contains compatibility and build code for 2.2, 2.4 and older 2.6 kernels
contains linux 2.6 kernel tree
alsa kernel mirror tree for continuous development (contains ALSA parts from alsa-kernel.git tree)
oss compatibility
official python binding

Anonymous access

Read only GIT server

git clone git:// alsa-driver
git clone git:// alsa-kernel
git clone git:// alsa-kmirror
git clone git:// alsa-lib
git clone git:// alsa-utils
git clone git:// alsa-firmware
git clone git:// alsa-tools
git clone git:// alsa-plugins
git clone git:// alsa-oss
git clone git:// alsa-python

Web interface

For developers - kernel drivers

Common rules

1) be very very very carefull when you use '--force' for 'git push', you can broke whole repository
2) valid 'Signed-off-by:' line must be in the commit text

Rules for alsa-kernel.git

1) subject (first commit text line) must start with '[ALSA] '


Note that 'master' branch in alsa-kernel.git is synced with alsa-kmirror.git 'master' branch automatically. So if you add a patch to alsa-kernel.git, it will be merged to alsa-kmirror.git (if no problem occurs) when you initiate 'git push' to the ALSA server. It's really required to see messages from the pre-receive script when something goes wrong. The script is trying to suggest what's going wrong and try to show you a problematic code (diff).

Pushing to 'alsa-kmirror.git' should be only done if:

a) you fixing a sync problem
b) you are modifying a file which is out of sync (scripts directory or so)

In all other cases, only alsa-kernel.git repository should be used.

The pre-receive script uses all four commit identifiers Author + AuthorDate + Commit + CommitDate to pair commits between alsa-kernel.git and alsa-kmirror.git. Use this information, if you like to add some commits manually to alsa-kmirror.git tree.

Common problems

PRE-RECEIVE repositories does not match, please, fix it
The alsa-kmirror.git#mastter and alsa-kernel.git#master sources does not match. You have to do manual changes in alsa-kmirror.git repository to sync trees. A diff between alsa-kmirror.git and alsa-kernel.git is printed to stderr, so you can analyze it and do appropriate steps.
PRE-RECEIVE Patch failed - is it already merged?
Appearently, you're trying to apply a patch which cannot be applied cleanly to alsa-kmirror.git#master. One reason might be that the patch is already applied, but the pre-receive script does not know about it. You may add commiter and commitdate to alsa-kmirror/scripts/git-ok-commits file to skip problematic commit (but only if you really verify, that this commit is already in the alsa-kmirror tree).

Clone repositories

git clone alsa-driver
git clone alsa-kernel
git clone alsa-kmirror

To show all branches (includes remote ones):

git branch -a

To make a remote branch local:

git checkout -b for-linus origin/for-linus
git checkout -b linux-2.6 origin/linux-2.6

Update and rebase using Linus's 2.6 kernel tree

Add remote URL:

git remote add linux-2.6 git://

Checkout linux-2.6 branch:

git checkout linux-2.6

Pull Linus's 2.6 changes:

git pull linux-2.6 master

Rebase our main ALSA development master branch with linux-2.6:

git rebase linux-2.6 master

Push branch changes to ALSA GIT repository

git push --tags origin master:refs/heads/master
git push --tags origin linux-2.6:refs/heads/linux-2.6
git push --tags origin for-linus:refs/heads/for-linus

Note: Especially after 'git rebase' the repository on server is not consistent with local repository (remote ref is not ancestor of the local ref for master branch), so you have to use --force parameter for 'git push' command. Note that this might be dangerous - we probably need to settle a locking mechanism to prevent inconsistent changes.


this branch is for main development (Andrew Morton will get patches for mm tree)
this branch is for mainstream tree (for Linus Torvalds)
this is official linux 2.6 mainstream tree
patches for stable 2.6 kernels
all developers can create a private branch to test a particular set of patches, prefix for these branches is 'private-' (for example private-alsabug-1234, private-tiwai-vmaster etc.)


Private tags are not allowed. Only tags identifying ALSA version (alsa-kmirror.git and alsa-driver.git) or official linux kernel version (alsa-kernel.git) are allowed.


GIT server is maintaned by User:Perex.

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