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Latest Software Source Releases

Package Stable Release


Development Release Description
Driver 1.0.25 none Kernel drivers
Firmware 1.0.29 none Firmware for cards that require it
Library 1.1.8 none Userspace library
Plugins 1.1.8 none Additional library plugins Eg.jack, pulse, maemo ...
Utilities 1.1.8 none Utilities aplay,arecord,amixer etc
Tools 1.1.7 none Tools
PyALSA 1.1.6 none Python bindings for ALSA lib
OSS compat lib 1.1.8 none OSS compatibility library

See ChangeLogs to find out what has changed since the previous release.

.bz2 extension handling

The .bz2 extension belongs to the bzip2 compression utility which replaces gzip. You may unpack the .tar.bz2 files directly using one of the following commands:

        using the newer version of tar:
tar xjf <file>

        or, using the older version of tar:
tar xIf <file>

        or, with all versions of tar:
bunzip2 -c <file> | tar xf -

FTP Access

Primary Site

US Mirrors

Europe Mirrors

Asia Mirrors

FTP via HTTP (web) access

Primary Site

Europe Sites

Developers: HG access

(Unofficial) Daily Snapshot Tarballs

The tarballs of the latest HG version with ready-for-build configure script are available at:

Tracker System

ALSA HG (Mercurial) SCM repositories

HG (Mercurial) SCM can be found at

The ALSA sources can be obtained using:

hg clone alsa-driver

A full list of ALSA repositories can be found at the HG Repository.

As an alternative to HG you may also try via rsync access:

rsync -avz --delete rsync:// your_directory

To get the latest code, but without the .hg repository (encouraged if you are not using HG):

rsync -avz --delete --exclude=.hg* rsync:// your_directory


ALSA rsync access
URL rsync://
Access read-only
Description read-only access to the whole FTP tree
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