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Road Map of future ASoC development (in progress items are currently in ppc-dev branch).

Road Map

  • Move I2C probing out of codec and into machine drivers. This should also allow the pcm and card registraion to move into the machine driver.
    Implemented in mainline, work in progress on converting drivers to the new model.
  • Look into creating a DAI (digital audio interface), codec and Platform DMA device class drivers. This should create a standard set of operations and capabilities for each end (codec and SoC controller) of the DAI and should simplify configuration & development. This would allow allow each device to be individually probed.
    Implemented in mainline.
  • Support multiple sound cards.
  • Move audio map into userspace. This should then allow scenario's to be defined by specifying the source and sink (instead of by each mixer setting).
  • Add support for multiple substreams.
    Implemented in asoc-v2-dev branch.
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