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Bindings explained

Hi, thanks for this useful article. It is something that I don't get. In the asoundrc example file, I can read "They have been split into top row and bottom row with channels 0-7+16-25 on rme9652_0 and channels 8-15+26-27 on rme9652_1." But it is no channel numbered 26 or 27 into this asoudrc.

If I understand well the code into the file, both sound cards are using the same virtual stereo channels 24 and 25. And we have 27 bindings for 25 channels. --Dominique 17:53, 23 May 2009 (CEST)

Samplerate limit in the asoundrc

rate parameter in asoundrc is setting the samplerate of the Alsa Device. But, what im looking for is the possibility to limt the samplerate in a range of min to max.

Possible errors in Plugin section

Hey everyone, since I just heard of .asoundrc yesterday I would not call myself an expert and edit the wiki. Due to this lack of knowledge I just want to point you experts to some (in my view) inconsistencies in the Plugins section:

First, I think the fourth listing is missing something. In the second listing the slave device sl2 has pcm "hw:1,0" and is slave of rate_convert. However, the fourth listing does not state pcm "hw:1,0" in the slave definition. Such an example can be found in the ALSA plugin documentation.

Second, the rate for the slave is set to 48000 in the listings. Opposing to that the text says it converts the samples to 44.1 kHz.

Third, the last listing says: "make this address of.the second channel on my real the second pcm device on my new soundcard" In my opinion the it should be "the second pcm device on my REAL soundcard". Of course, the same holds for the second last listing.

If I'm completely wrong on any of those things, please inform me and don't just delete my (possibly erroneous) correction suggestions.

Thanks :)

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