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output.c File Reference

Generic stdio-like output interface. More...


int snd_output_close (snd_output_t *output)
 Closes an output handle.
int snd_output_printf (snd_output_t *output, const char *format,...)
 Writes formatted output (like fprintf(3)) to an output handle.
int snd_output_vprintf (snd_output_t *output, const char *format, va_list args)
 Writes formatted output (like fprintf(3)) to an output handle.
int snd_output_puts (snd_output_t *output, const char *str)
 Writes a string to an output handle (like fputs(3)).
int snd_output_putc (snd_output_t *output, int c)
 Writes a character to an output handle (like putc(3)).
int snd_output_flush (snd_output_t *output)
 Flushes an output handle (like fflush(3)).
int snd_output_stdio_attach (snd_output_t **outputp, FILE *fp, int _close)
 Creates a new output object using an existing stdio FILE pointer.
int snd_output_stdio_open (snd_output_t **outputp, const char *file, const char *mode)
 Creates a new output object writing to a file.
size_t snd_output_buffer_string (snd_output_t *output, char **buf)
 Returns the address of the buffer of a SND_OUTPUT_BUFFER output handle.
int snd_output_buffer_open (snd_output_t **outputp)
 Creates a new output object with an auto-extending memory buffer.

Detailed Description

Generic stdio-like output interface.

Abramo Bagnara

Generic stdio-like output interface